It appearing to the Court that a revised courtroom dress and conduct code should be implemented IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that all persons entering the Superior Courtrooms in this circuit as spectators or participants shall be properly dressed and shall conduct themselves in the following manner:

Courtroom Dress


GENERAL: No one entering the courtroom shall wear jeans, shorts or hats. No scrubs, work uniforms or sweatpants shall be allowed.
MALES: Long pants, dress shirts with collar and shoes are required. A belt must be worn and pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging or bagging pants. All shirts must be tucked inside of pants. If a male juror, a tie and coat are recommended.
FEMALES: Dresses, skirts and/or pants with blouses and shoes are required. No low cut dresses or blouses or micro-length dresses, blouses or skirts shall be allowed. No skin tight clothing is allowed.


Courtroom Conduct


CELL PHONES: Cell phones and any other electronic device must be turned off prior to entering the courtroom. Any use of such devices in the courtroom may result in the confiscation of such device.
OTHER: No food, drink, backpacks or large bags are allowed in the courtroom.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this Order shall be provided to the Sheriff of each county and filed in the minutes of each Superior Court Clerk’s office for this circuit.

SO ORDERED, this 30th day of April, 2013.

David L. Cavender, Chief Judge, Superior Courts
Robert L. Russell, III, Judge, Superior Courts
Charles P. Rose, Jr., Judge, Superior Courts
D. Jay Stewart, Judge, Superior Courts